How do I transfer my domain name to another Registrant?

To transfer your .CA domain name to another Registrant, please contact your Registrar. They will initiate and manage the process on your behalf. CIRA will notify you when the transfer has been completed.

To transfer a domain name that is part of an administrative bundle, all registered domain names in that bundle must be transferred to the same Registrant. A separate transfer request must be initiated for each of the registered domain names in the administrative bundle. Once a transfer is initiated for one of the domains, the other domains in the administrative bundle will be held in a pending state for five days. If the remaining registered domain names in the administrative bundle are not transferred within that period, the transfer will not be completed.

If you do not know the contact information for your Registrar, you can find it here. If you do not know who your Registrar is, you can find out using our WHOIS search.