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Hi CIRA members,

My name is Alex Zlatin and I am thrilled for the opportunity to serve on the board, help all Canadians both protect their digital assets and have easy access to digital tools under the .ca domain and assist in carrying the responsibility as a governing body.

Outside of my business education (MBA & B.Sc.), in the last (almost) 9 years, I have been leading a Canadian technology company and have been exposed to the opportunities and challenges of the Canadian internet. Now I feel it is time for me to contribute back from my knowledge, experience and skills to help build a better, safer and more valuable digital world for Canadians.

Today, I'm asking of you to provide me with the opportunity to contribute. I look forward to serving, representing and protecting all Canadians in this important role.

Thank you for being a part of CIRA!

Stay safe,

Alex Zlatin

Explain from your perspective what CIRA does and why it matters.

As the governing body, CIRA serves 2 main purposes:

1. Govern the use, application and accessibility of the Canadian ".ca" domain.

2. Provide Canadians with an easy and safe way to utilize its offerings.

As in any complex and at-scale offering, structure, rules, guidelines and open communication are key to achieve success. What CIRA does, stands for and is striving for matters to Canadian to ensure we all have access to world-class, industry-standard and accessible digital services.

Why do you want to be on CIRA’s Board of Directors?

I feel that through my experience I can contribute to addressing some of the challenges that face both CIRA as an organization and Canadians as both digital domain owners and digital consumers.

In the last 9 years, since I immigrated to Canada, I've gained much experience in building and running an NFP, sitting on multiple advisory committees, being an executive in a private company in the tech sector, mentoring young entrepreneurs through Futurepreneur Canada and authoring a book. I feel that this experience, on top of my natural curious nature will strengthen CIRA and be beneficial.

What do you think are the top 3 challenges and opportunities facing CIRA in the next 3 to 5 years? What approach would you take to addressing these issues?

Obviously it is very difficult to imagine the current issues, as perceived by CRIA already.

However, if I had to guess, I'd say that the following 3 would be important issues to address:

1. Cybersecurity - on CIRA's website you can find some resources on this. Having said that, Canada is just starting to see an increase in attacks and this will be turning into a big issue for domain holders in both short and mid-term future. Obviously, the main answer here is education. I feel that there is a lot of biased education online, but there is not enough of CIRA's objective education. There are other things that might be required to help Canadians, including random security audits with reports sent to members. To develop the right approach, I must first learn the mandate of CIRA and what has been done thus far.

2. Awareness of the strength and value of the ".ca" domain, as opposed to the traditional ".com" one. I feel this will be a continued effort and it might require a new approach to help with the adoption of our local domain as the standard. Here, awareness is key. Advertisement, influencers and social media campaigns are some tactics to review. For implementation, budgetary constraints and CIRA's mandate must be reviewed to ensure this fits it, prior to making any decisions.

3. With the changes COVID brought with it, there is a great opportunity to build a bigger and stronger online community for Canadians, and subsequently, a stronger CIRA association to support them. I feel that this is an education and awareness play as well. However, I feel that more resources for Canadians created by CRIA might be a very good approach to build a strong connection between CIRA and its members.