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Candidate statement

Please accept, not only my credentials, but my passion for the Internet. Years of experience have given me insights into most aspects of our online community.

Current Boards

1. New York Institute of Technology (Advisory Board)


Past Boards

• International Institute of Business Analysis (VP, Marketing - Vancouver Chapter)

• President of the BC Entrepreneur Association for 5 years board,

• Director, Burnaby Arts Council

• Partner/Founder, MC Nanotech Corporation (Energy)

• Director, Greanwold Interactive (Gaming)

• Chairman, (Community Partner), Canadian Youth Business Foundation

• Executive Director, Winston College

• Director, Canada-China Import Exporters Association

• Director, SeedFundR (Equity Crowdfunding)

• Treasurer, BC Speed Skating Association



-International Institute of Business Analysis, VP

-Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship - Advisory Board

-New York Institute of Technology - Advisory Board

-Futurpreneur - Advisory Board

-UBC Sauder School of Business

-SFU Beedie Graduate School of Business


Experience in the Tech Sector

My experience and background in technology include owning an ISP, VR, Gamification, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain, 5G and AI. I am a writer for (the largest platform for Emerging Growth Companies). My consulting clients include Huawei, Microsoft, IBM, 3M, and PayPal.


I was on the Compensation & Review Committee for Vancity Credit Union. I have been on many Boards, including a ‘collective' Board formed for mutual interests to Governing Boards. I have been on Policy Boards and Advisory.


One of my biggest collaborations was between BC Entrepreneur Assoc. and Federal government (funders). While an independent board it was funded by the government as a policy Board and was accountable to stakeholders besides the government.

Strategic Planning I created operational and strategies for 3 pubcos and 10 private companies mainly in social media and marketing. My 3 business books offer strategic planning methods.

Regulatory While working with my clients, both private and public companies, I am directly responsible and accountable to the BC Securities Commission as well as other jurisdictions in Canada.

Build Consensus

I am a Certified Business Counselor. I am able to mediate, negotiate and resolve any conflict that a business may run into either external or internal.

Working with diverse groups

I worked with 37 different cultural and ethnic groups. At BC's largest NGO.

What Contribution can I make?

I am an exceptional networker who people trust and respect. I am the author of 3 business books. Forbes said I was one of the Top Small Business influencers on social media and London-based Richtopia has me on "The 100 Most Influential Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs in the World for 2018 ". I am a business analyst specializing in the financing of business startups.

Values I bring to CIRA

Passion, integrity and sincerity, strong entrepreneurial work ethic, values-based life, community-minded, love what I learn from diversity, conscientious, and good-governance.

I offer my experience in strategic planning, private equity financing, CEO level management and as a global social media communicator to support the team at CIRA.

Innovation, customer commitment and leadership will help shape a better future.

Explain from your perspective what CIRA does and why it matters.

From my perspective, CIRA is a non-profit watchdog protecting the internet from outside interests and government policies and regulations that might impugn the trust openness of the Canadian aspect of the internet. CIRA supports the laws and regulations that give us a safe and secure internet and protects the freedom of its users.

The .ca managed by CIRA is a point of national pride for me and one piece of our national identity.

The organization matters because fake news, hate speech, cyber-attacks and other harmful content on social media have no place in our society. 77% of Canadian support this view and support the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

CIRA grounds our 'portion' of the internet and gives us protection while maintaining our freedoms.

Why do you want to be on CIRA’s Board of Directors?

I am a successful senior who believes in 'paying it forward." I have a vast knowledge of business having been an entrepreneur all my life.

I've also worked in the federal government and the largest NGO in British Columbia. I'm an educator, an Adjunct Professor in the MBA School of Management for the New York Institute of Technology (Vancouver Campus) teaching Consumer Behavior as well as Digital Marketing & Communications.

I was asked to be on Vancity Credit Union's (500,000 members) Compensation and Review Committee for their Board of Directors.

I am a Certified Business Counselor and have the skills to be able to build consensus in diverse groups, negotiate seeing both sides, and have the great ability to listen.

I have Board Experience on working boards, policy, and managing executive boards as well as advisory and fundraising boards.

My C-level experience gives me the ease and comfort of working with other senior executives and my creative innovation is welcomed in any Boardroom.

I am adept at seeing new trends from disruptive technologies in nanotech to new roll-outs super tech like 5G. I was hired as a thought-leader by Chinese conglomerate Huawei for their 5G roll-out to North America in 2020.

What do you think are the top 3 challenges and opportunities facing CIRA in the next 3 to 5 years? What approach would you take to addressing these issues?

1. Broadband security. (opportunity) - Mass adoption of 5G. From a user perspective, 5G is inherently different from any of the previous mobile generations. 5G marks the beginning of a new era of network security with the introduction of IMSI encryption. This protects the three planes of our telecommunication network namely signaling, payload, and admin traffic from corruption and cyber attacks. There are numerous false narratives about 5G. We need to be better educated and push for a fast er 5G to be able to support VR, Augmented reality, Video, AI, and machine learning. CIRA needs to be proactive in providing the benefits of 5G through education.

2. Data is the Engine for Growth - While we need to promote the protection of privacy issues to Canadians, we also need to educate people on how data pushes the development of new technologies. We need to be more transparent so people can find the trust we need.

3. Cloud-native is a software development approach - Digital business is increasingly powered by modern software stacks and extensive use of open-source and cloud-native technologies. Digital infrastructure matters more than ever. Years of digital transformation have essentially taken place in mere months, and the trend will only accelerate. Post -covid will provide CIRA the opportunity to provide education and support to both the adoption of cloud services and the infrastructure needed to run it efficiently