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To Focus on: CIRA's "Vision", it's Board Development together with the guidance of CIRA's Board Members, Committees and Governance


University Board Member/ Academic Advisory Committee - Fairleigh Dickinson University plus Board Member at ISSofBC and M.Kopernik Foundation (all non-profits)

• Business Mentor - Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (Caribbean)

• Usage of Social Media Platforms and Web links

• SME – Business Consultant – Business Management

• Mortgage Advisor/ Broker - retail lending of residential mortgages and banking products Recoveries, sales/ marketing, project facilitation, finance (banking/ Credit Unions, Law Firms, ICBC), AML, KYC, B2B

• National and international business industry Implemented, organized, researched, and developed various projects with direction towards production costs, creating new strategies, and streamlining existing policies

Owned BC Government licensed Receivables Management Recovery Company as an outsourcing service Obtained annual Government Grants to enhance productivity and employment within the industry Consulted Internationally - European Union project - restructured the Regional & Cooperative Banks in Eastern Europe.

Volunteered with profit/ non-profit organizations and a USAID banking project (FSVC) with focus on the debt recovery systems for commercial banking.

Previous Board Member: Credit Union (3.5 years) and a non-profit Community Services in Surrey BC (1+ years)

With my intense direct experience in business development at various levels, participating in Boards / Committees / Governance at non-profits, successful work within diverse teams, both nationally/internationally, I would ensure the highest degree of performance as a Board Member. My sentiments and support are keenly directed towards CIRA's vision in the "World of Internet", cyber security and technical enhancement.

I thank you for considering my application and look forward to joining the CIRA Board of Directors.

Joanna Starczynowski

Explain from your perspective what CIRA does and why it matters.

CIRA is a non-profit organization within Canada, working on the principles of providing and monitoring the following for all Canadians: resilient, secure internet and on-line services; guidance in areas of legal, support, governance, policies, compliance to ensure that Canadians have the ability to register and function with their .CA domains. CIRA, also, works with its member community to provide the education and grants in building a presence on the internet both nationally and internationally, so that our .CA domains are conducted with due diligence.

This matters as overall, cyberspace functionality is still undergoing limited governance and requires more guidance. The pace is gaining momentum as more and more evolves with the internet but domains specifically registered in Canada (.CA) are increasing, so, an organization like CIRA is essential.

Why do you want to be on CIRA’s Board of Directors?

I would be honoured to be on CIRA's Board of Directors as my past and present Board experience, specifically non-profits, follows similar objectives of organizations with strong values within the Canadian community. I have worked in diverse environments (national / international) with entrepreneurs (SME), financial institutions, Colleges/ Universities, Immigration, seniors - all within the realm of focusing on guidance, training, leadership, progress, innovation and due diligence.

In my career, I have gained expertise in strategic planning, working in multiple communities, being a Team player, organizing /managing numerous projects, been self-employed, volunteered and worked as a Business Advisor. I have been working with non-profits for over 20 years. Some as a volunteer and some as part of the Board or a Committee. Currently, I am on a Nomination & Recruitment Committee with ISSofBC (Immigration Services of BC), previously on a similar Committee at M.Kopernik Foundation (senior's and low-income facilities).

I have worked in many areas of business: being self-employed, banking/ finance, education, advisor with EU and SME consultant. My skills would focus on the various skills that a Nominee can/ would bring to CIRA , guiding the assessment and identification processes of traits that apply to CIRA. Thus, monitoring current and future Board, Committee positions as required to be filled. CIRA is for the public, specifically the .ca domains therefore ensuring criteria are met with the best interests of the members.


CIRA's "Vision" in future development and strategies of Canadian .CA domains.

I am a current CIRA member, had attended CIRA's Vancouver network event, receive ongoing CIRA notifications /updates and have several .CA domains.

My experience has encompassed both national and international work that would bring to CIRA's Board my skills in: effective participation, current and past Board involvements (primarily non-profits), entrepreneurship, business management, obtaining grants, mentoring, various Committees, sales/ marketing, banking and volunteering.

These have required my input in strategic planning, forecasting, having a catalyst role, cyclical situation analyzing, facilitating, change management, technical effectiveness, corporate governance, high level of professionalism, rule of law, code of conduct and diversity in the work place.

These are not isolated to one role but overlap in all my roles throughout my career.

What do you think are the top 3 challenges and opportunities facing CIRA in the next 3 to 5 years? What approach would you take to addressing these issues?

Challenges in the next 3-5 years could be: 1) an organization's growth being too slow or too fast; not keeping up with the ever-changing cyber environment; 2) lack of resources to provide for the .CA community (training, governance); 3) cybersecurity upgrading as hackers are constantly getting more astute and creative that more training is needed.

Currently, the global situation with COVID-19 has presented an overload of users as more and more people are relying on the internet whether to work-from-home or tutoring students. We can either accept these momentous changes or fall behind in lack of recognizing that the World has changed.

Opportunities will be with the fact that the Millennials were already semi-prepared and recognized that change was needed. Working remotely and on-line education existed.

What is needed now and into the future is the strategy of planning further and farther.

Can CIRA pick up the pace? Yes, by keeping a strong Board in overseeing and accepting change (increase of .CA domains) as we will see more entrepreneurs or contract workers connecting on the internet. CIRA has already started the ground work and as it continues to progress, this is an opportunity for moving forward.