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Candidate statement

From .ca registry to the world's first deployment of a national public DNS over HTTPS (DoH) service, CIRA has been at the forefront of ensuring a reliable, secure and performing internet for Canadians.  Over the years, .ca has developed a reputation as a secure and trustworthy domain – not a small feat.  However this made it desirable to  cyber criminals across the world as a cover for their activities.  Development of DNS firewall, investment in new research and development, streamlining the .ca registry – all of this is very exciting and relevant to pertinent needs of Canadian organizations.  Participating in the CIRA board is a chance to glance into the future of the internet!

My name is Sergei Beliaev.  Over the last 28 years I have had a very successful career as a technology executive and a consultant in Retail and Financial Services industries.  As a technologist I will bring strategic and all-encompassing tone to CIRA's restructuring agenda strategic planning process.  As security professional – view to the requirements and impacts on the security posture of Canadian companies.  As technology executive – practicality and focus on real-life applications to drive customer value and adoption. I have experience in driving strategic planning for technology focused organizations such as CIRA.  My experience running developing technology strategy and IT governance for Walmart Canada and the LCBO and will provide a valuable "real-life" context experience at the Board table where we had to balance between driving the bleeding edge and developing stable and secure technology for our stakeholders..

I am excited about this unique opportunity and look forward to being part of CIRA's success


Explain from your perspective what CIRA does and why it matters.

CIRA's primary role is the continued stewardship and operation of a world class registry to support the .CA registry. It also has used its expertise in these areas to become a industry respected as the .CA registry as well as a provider of DNS and Cybersecurity services. Theses services is are critical in ensuring Canadians and Canadian businesses have the world's best internet experience.  Nowadays "the best" is very much defined by the presence of frictionless and effective cybersecurity services combined with mature IT governance practices.  Providing layered cybersecurity services at the core DNS layer at the national level is a fundamental shift from a "hit and miss" collection of cyber defences that companies and individuals currently use.  Today, internet is a fundamental essential service very much driving the economy, social services and personal our lives.  Keeping it safe, reliable and performing is a very meaningful (although not always visible) endeavour and COVID has shown how much stability of this infrastructure matters in our daily lives.

Why do you want to be on CIRA’s Board of Directors?

As I mentioned above, I believe that internet is a fundamental infrastructure enabling all aspects of our lives.  My experience as a technology executive, as well as practical understanding of the intricacies of successfully operating eCommerce and Bricks & Mortar businesses at the level of Walmart Canada will be a valuable addition to the strategic Board discussions about the future of CIRA and internet in Canada. I have worked in a variety of organizations of various shapes and sizes and used my ability to listen carefully to all stakeholders to build consensus, understand risks and opportunities and synthesize the outputs of that to a variety of stakeholders within and outside the organization. I believe my experiences in building world class infrastructure for public sector and private enterprises has given me a wide exposure to the issues CIRA faces in terms of security, privacy and IT governance. While I do not have Board Governance experience from the perspective of a Board member I have routinely sat at the Board table from the management side and understand the role and responsibilities well and am committed to professional development in this area.

What do you think are the top 3 challenges and opportunities facing CIRA in the next 3 to 5 years? What approach would you take to addressing these issues?

In my opinion the 3 main challenges/opportunities are:

* Being a strong voice at the table for Canadians as policy makers as the look at trying to apply regional regulation to a global network. As we recover from the COVID pandemic policy makers will be looking at how they regulate a global network while encouraging investment and growth, such as 5G, given the now clear dependence COVID has shown Internet accessibility, affordability and reliability are so key. The digital divide between areas such as socio-economic and rural connectivity has become clear. CIRA can be a trusted voice in this conversation that policy makers will be looking to engage in.

* Continued acceleration and increasing impact of cybersecurity threats. With increased reliance on remote work, evolution of digital economy and "always on" connectedness we will be experiencing radically increased lucrativeness and as a result variety and number of cyberattack vectors. CIRA can continue to foster research and investment in house, through partnership with civil society and industry and through the Community Investment Fund to assist in this rapidly developing area.

· GTLD Expansion. CIRA has invested heavily in their "fury" platform and had early success getting other TLD's to utilize CIRA's platform. The next round of gTLD applications could open in 2023; however, since the last round there has been significant market consolidation and vertical integration. CIRA will need adjust its product and technology strategy to compete against these largely vertically integrated competior