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June 6 – 20, 2023 - Apply to join the board

Whether you plan to join the nomination committee, nominate yourself as a candidate, show your support for a nominee, participate in the campaign forum, or vote for candidates you can have an impact on Canada’s internet. Learn about the process and how to get involved in CIRA’s governance.

Join the nomination committee

Want to be part of a team who vets and selects candidates for the nomination committee slate of the election ballot? Learn about the committee’s role and how and when to apply.

Join the board

Want to be part of the team who provide oversight and strategic direction to CIRA? ? There are two ways to join the board—learn about the board’s role, time commitment, eligibility to apply, seats available, and more. Get the details.

Support nominees and candidates

Don’t want to join the board or nomination committee but still want to get involved? Learn how you can still have your say.

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