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Every great Canadian new business plan, blog inspiration or website idea begins with a .CA domain name. We've gotten into the habit of skimming the .CA To-Be-Released (TBR) list, a list of domains that were previously registered and become available each week, and blogging about our top picks while trying to guess what great website ideas could come from them.

With the Canadian cannabis legalization right around the corner, we've seen many headlines in the news about how this change will roll out. We've seen the news about the real-estate race for Ontario pot shop locations. What about the online real estate for these new businesses – domain names, the digital homes for their websites? We've noticed a spike in registration activity for domains containing keywords like “cannabis”, “weed” and “420”. So with that in mind, we've pulled some of the top TBR picks for any 420-lovers out there.

A new theme park coming to Toronto on October 17th…or whenever.

Formerly a guy named Chad, now a professional home delivery service.

This is what we call hot boxing your bathroom when it's -40 outside.

A new online dating site, matching up those who partake.

A movement to expand the legalization beyond Earth's atmosphere. Think about it man!

A spinoff of Dragon's Den that only includes pitches for those vying for the early adoption legal cannabis market.

A syndication of Canadian weed bloggers.

A special strain developed for maximum enjoyment at the cottage.

A site that calms you down when you've smoked too much and get The Willies.

A simple status update site:

  • Oct 14: No
  • Oct 15: Almost
  • Oct 16: So close
  • Oct 17: Yes

Hot stock tip: if you're not interested in investing directly in weed stocks, there are other ancillary businesses that are likely to take off once cannabis is legal, including: chips, home food delivery services, eye drops and comfy couches.

Like the handy gas prices app, it compares the going price of weed products across the country.

Not inspired by any of the domains on our list? See the full list or search for a domain name below: