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The beginning of a new year sparks new ideas, both good and bad. Eating more veggies? Good idea. Taking up running outside in January? Bad idea.

If you're looking for inspiration on your next great project or idea, CIRA's list of .CA domains is a great place to start. Every week, a list of previously registered domains becomes available, giving someone new an opportunity to scoop them up. The following are a few website and business ideas (both good and bad) that we came up with.

A calculator tool that will tell you exactly when you will be able to afford a condo based on your income and the real estate market in your area.



Results vary from most likely sometime in 2045 to quite possibly never.

A buzzword business name generator.

A hybrid show combining Dragon's Den and Shark Tank, for businesses that sell to both Canada and the U.S.

A business that designs and installs outdoor showers, so you can enjoy cleaning yourself in the great outdoors the three months of the year you won't freeze.

A service provided by insurance companies to help you cope when your premiums go up.


This puppy makes the bad news slightly more manageable.

A second-hand store that will really take off in the wake of Marie Kondo's tidying up special. It's either that or an online store that sells The Taste of Ink merch.

Definitely a place I'd be willing to take out another student loan to attend, so I can avoid making comments like these:



A guide on how to make your city more like Toronto. Add an NBA team, more traffic, drive up real estate prices and bam! you're the new centre of the universe.

Not inspired by any of our great ideas?

You can search for your own domain! If you have any great blog or website ideas, you can see if the domain name you want is available using our handy search tool.