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Your friends might not appreciate your great business or blog ideas, but at CIRA we do. If you're feeling the entrepreneurial spirit, here are a few of our top picks from September 25th's To-Be-Released list of .CA domain names to get inspired.

The perfect solution for those seeking a cuddly companion but are not quite ready to commit to a full purchase at this stage in their life.

Resume of the ultimate Canadian, with traits and experience like:

  • Polite, to a fault
  • Can walk on ice without slipping
  • Has been to Niagara Falls at least once and been disappointed in the extreme level of  commercialization


Chris Hadfield's new album he's about to drop.

Etiquette tips on how to be a neighbourly boater. Tip #1: You must wave at everyone you see as you pass by.

The revenge of the professors who have received low ratings on RateMyProf.


A blog where someone analyzes the Settlers of Catan trading market.

The Canadianized version of the hokey pokey.

One of those made up jobs that someone searching for a $3 million house on House Hunters International has.


Umbrellas with a secret compartment to hide snacks or a flask.

Not inspired by anything above? Search for your own domain!

If you have any great blog or website ideas, you can see if the domain name you want is available using our handy tool below.