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Despite what your mom told you, not all dreams come true. Domain names are very similar in that way, what was once a flash of inspiration can eventually become another idea unfulfilled.

But fear not! At CIRA we believe in dreams, and to celebrate domain names that are being given new life, here are a few ideas that came to mind while perusing the September 12 To-Be-Released list.

Canadian pork products fan page.

Like Buckley's but it tastes delicious.

The official website of pop-up ads.

A website where Americans can ask their northern neighbours questions like: What is a toque? Do you know Kevin from Toronto? Can I sleep on your couch until 2020?

Polite 90s hip-hop group that is definitely down with O.P.P.—Ontario Provincial Police.

New Canadian cryptocurrency where the blockchain is validated by Drake memes.

A website that maps out every dog park in your city.

A nostalgic website where Canadians can long for the days when President Bartlet was in charge.

Josiah Bartlet

Come back President Bartlet! CJ needs you!

Official campaign page for Kids for Ice Cream lobby group.

Support group for struggling email marketers.

Horse mechanic, yes that's a thing.

NOTE: CIRA claims no ownership over any of the above ideas--but you could send us some free bacon to say thanks.

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