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Domains expire for many reasons—some are simply businesses that have closed, events that have passed, or ideas that never took off.

The following is a shortlist of .CA domains that are being let go by their previous owners in August 29th's To-Be-Released session. Now is your chance to bring new life to these domains and here we've got some website ideas started for you.

A site where you can request a loan from your trusted uncle Bob.

An escalated version of the DIY trend, DEY (Do-Everything-Yourself) is for people who are 100% self-sufficient. They refuse to outsource things you ought to, like dentistry or legal advice.

We're not quite sure what this website is for. We're not even sure it exists.

When meet up with all of your friends but everyone's doing their own thing on their phones.


There's free Wi-Fi here, what do you expect!

Clearly a whole page dedicated to someone's fabulous cat.

A garden hooked up to all the latest tools including timed fairy lights, reminders to water your plants at regular intervals and alerts for when weeds pop up and how to get rid of them.

A special beverage that gives you the confidence to leave your house and socialize. Wow, how come this hasn't been invented yet?

Not inspired by anything above? Search for your own domain!

If you have any great blog or website ideas, you can see if the domain name you want is available using our handy tool below.