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Domains expire for many reasons—some are simply businesses that have closed, events that have passed, or ideas that never took off.

The following is a shortlist of .CA domains that are being let go by their previous owners in August 15th's To-Be-Released session. Now is your chance to bring new life to these domains and here we've got some website ideas started for you.

Your friend's start-up that was born solely to hop on buzzwords. They haven't made any sales yet but you can support them by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.

A website filled with all the best jokes... for seven year-olds (and their dads).

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Europe who?

No I'm not!

A mentoring service that teaches post-secondary students who are living on their own for the first time things like how to iron and the difference between a washing machine and a dryer.

Tips on how to combat sleep fatigue, the condition experienced when you wake up from an afternoon nap feeling more tired than before. 

A special holiday idea crafted by Big Fidget to sell more fidget spinners.

Arya Stark's list, but in website form.

A local bar where all of the geology PhD students hang out.

Dr. Who's cinematic sister.

A service that allows you to get some help with things like setting up a customized Wi-Fi password.

Not inspired by anything above? Search for your own domain!

If you have any great blog or website ideas, you can see if the domain name you want is available using our handy tool below.