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The following is a curated list of .CA domains that are being let go by their previous owners on June 13th. Domain names expire for many reasons—some are simply businesses that have closed, events that have passed, or ideas that never took off. Now is your chance to bring new life to these domains and here we've done some creative brainstorming got some website ideas started for you.

Full disclosure: this list was created with the help of Michael Leblanc, our SysAdmin at CIRA who moonlights as a stand-up comedian. You will be able to tell based on the pop culture references (I did not know who the Grateful Dead were).

Dedicated blog site for Loco the Chihuahua, pet fashionisto and world traveler.

Tourist site for the great city of Scarborough, Ontario.

New cryptocurrency that can only be used at Grateful Dead concerts.

A site that guides baby boomers to perform simple technology tasks with video tutorials like Connecting to the Wi-Fi, How to use that fancy universal remote your son got you, and Where is the "Any" key?.

Travelling bar and grill restaurant that specifically tours with the Grateful Dead, also only accepts GroovyMiner cryptocurrency.

Official Canadian My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fan club website.

Metallurgical scientist discussion forum, breaching all topics involving alloys, extraction and production of metal.

Newly constructed living quarters specifically designed for the easy living of retiring Hobbits. These Hobbit holes feature spacious (for a hobbit) kitchen and bathrooms.

Looking to host a wedding ceremony at sea? Look no further than Captain Love, the dedicated ship captain available to officiate your special matrimonial day.

If you're interested in registering one of these domains you can find a certified Registrar that offers TBR as a service. If you want to see what other domains you can register, you can see the full list of expiring domains for June 13 or search to find one that is already available below.