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The following is a curated list of .CA domains that are being let go by their previous owners on May 30th. Domain names expire for many reasons—some are simply businesses that have closed, events that have passed, or ideas that never took off. Now is your chance to bring new life to these domains and here we've done some creative brainstorming got some website ideas started for you.

A restaurant name, so that when you ask your partner where they want to go for dinner and they reply, “duno”, you can take them there!

A dating site for pirates.

Connecting people who arr meant for each other.

A good zombie apocalypse toolkit would not be complete without a can of anti-zombie spray.

Move over puppy yoga, goat yoga, and beer yoga; this yoga class will help you bend to properly fit into an economy class airline seat.

Health and fitness tips you can send your partner when they blame you for putting on 20 pounds since you moved in together.

A blog about all the fun things you can do on the east coast.

With blog posts such as Tips for visiting the Hopewell Rocks and How to sell your Toronto condo and buy three cottages in PEI.

For those seeking a voiceover service specializing in vocal fry and destroying beloved boomer institutions.

A blog about how to add a Canadian twist to your hipster style, with revolutionary tips like wearing your winter flannel during the summer.

If you're interested in registering one of these domains you can find a certified Registrar that offers TBR as a service. If you want to see what other domains you can register, you can see the full list of expiring domains or search to find one that is already available below.