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Much like a snowflake, every .CA domain is unique. However, unlike a snowflake, .CA domains never truly fade away, they are reborn as new businesses and ideas!

To celebrate these unique snowflakes, here are a few ideas that came to mind while perusing the March 27 To-Be-Released list.

A bank dedicated to whenever your parents need to “lend” you money. Just ‘til the end of the month mom!

Geese invading your lawn? Who you gonna call?

A website where your dad updates you on the best interest rates for that savings account he keeps bugging you to open.

An e-commerce website that matches the thing you did wrong with an appropriate gift and automatically ships it to your significant other.

The first website you should visit after getting a new phone.

A subscription service that repairs all your old socks for $29.95 a month. Highly disruptive to Big Hosiery.

Official advocacy page for jugglers against swords and flaming torches.

Website where you can anonymously report your neighbour with the lawn gnomes.


But he's so cute!

Official music festival of Deadmau5.

Refuge for beavers who give a dam.

Support group for parents who have to wake up for 6 a.m. practices, mortgage their homes for new skates, and replace their garage door once a year.

Exclusive Jedi-only gym. The water is Midi-chlorinated.

Not inspired by any of our great ideas?

You can search for your own domain! If you have any great blog or website ideas, you can find out if the domain name you want is available using our handy search tool.