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Do you administer your Domain Name System? Does supporting a stronger Canadian Internet appeal to you? CIRA has launched a DNS secondary service with a strong national focus to help you strengthen your organization's Internet presence. It's part of building a resilient Canadian Internet, helping us to play our role in delivering a stronger global Internet.

But how does a national DNS fit in?

The DNS is a key part of the Internet and one that has been part of its trust framework since the beginning. It's also a vulnerable part of the Internet and one that CIRA is helping organizations to strengthen for the following reasons:

  1. It's good for business
  2. It's good for individuals
  3. It's good for data sovereignty and privacy
  4. It's good for security and stability

Without the DNS you don't have an Internet. But the DNS is a lot harder to understand than the hubs and wires of a typical home or business network, which is why people (including network engineers) always draw the "Internet" as an amorphous cloud. As a result many organizations in Canada have been relatively slow to update their external DNS and are exposed to outages, both through technology malfunction and malicious attack.   

Introducing D-Zone Anycast DNS

D-Zone is a secondary Anycast DNS service that has a global footprint, but an unparalleled presence inside Canada and close to Canadian population hubs. This architecture improves performance, increases resilience and helps to mitigate DDoS attacks. When combined with strong local peering by Canadian ISPs and content producers (like banks, government, hosting companies, etc.) the solution helps to provide a solid backbone for Canadians and Canadian business.

To learn more about D-Zone please visit the product page.