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As part three in our look at the DNS in Canada, we turn to our own DNS offering because it has some features that are designed specifically for organizations doing business with Canadians. Before we do that, let's recap the first two infographics.

The DNS in Canada Infographic took a look at the state of the DNS in Canada to understand how it served millions of websites and applications. It highlighted how the authoritative DNS all starts with 13 logical root servers and works its way up to over 100,000 name servers responding to queries for .CA domain names. This system has over 3.4 billion internet users making queries every day, and that just includes the real people. The graphic also talks about the 48% of web traffic that comes from robots AND the 25% of DNS "zombie" echoes with no server waiting for an answer at the other end. Frankly, it is amazing such a complex distributed system functions at all. 

Now throw into the mix the growing threats to systems and infrastructure shown in the DNS under attack infographic. This showed how attacks are growing increasingly complex to hit users, applications and infrastructure concurrently. Focusing on the DNS, according to one survey a whopping 84% of managers reported that their DNS has been abused. Considering the huge cost of simply responding to attacks it is a wonder IT teams have any time left to serve their clients. 

And so we conclude the series with our solution for the DNS. One that can help organizations serve the massive volume and also help mitigate the threats.

D-Zone Anycast DNS was designed as a global DNS solution that could meet some critical Canadian needs for a stronger local Internet. It was created in part because there was no product on the market that offered a solution that served Canadian organizations, our population, and our commitment to leave the Internet a better place than where we found it. This isn't an altruistic story, but one that delivers a faster, more reliable, and more secure DNS, without which nothing else would work. We're helping by working with some of the great hosting and domain registration companies in Canada to upgrade their infrastructure while also reaching out to the big receivers of Canadian traffic including: universities, hospitals, governments, and large organizations with Canadian customers. In this way we aim to serve everyone from the smallest local business to the most advanced enterprise IT stacks.

And it has been great. So far we are serving over 10,000 domains with:

  • 12 nodes world-wide
  • 8 zones in Canada located in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto (2), Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax.
  • 2 transit providers per node
  • 99x over provisioned architecture
  • 102% faster DNS in Canada

Here is a small version of the graphic and the link above will give you higher resolution. We think it is a useful read for anyone who cares about the DNS. 

Last updated on December 1 2016. 

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