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As a Canadian leader in cybersecurity, Field Effect Software is a natural technology partner for API integration with the D-Zone DNS Firewall. Using the API, Field Effect integrated phishing and malware protection into the Covalence platform to provide real-time analysis of their network and to let customers do the same.

Andrew Loschmann, president and CTO at Field Effect Software indicated that, “Businesses need a better way to more easily monitor their DNS and understand the activity and behavior happening on their networks. Through our partnership with CIRA, we are able to simplify and automate this for any type of business, making this something in every company’s reach.”

What makes this solution really compelling is that it adds capability to the cyber defence platform, with an extra layer of advanced DNS protection and control through sophisticated monitoring and analysis to block malicious sites and build a more secure network. Our recent cybersecurity survey of Canadian organizations showed that 4/10 have been hit by malware in the last year. When you look at companies between 250-500 employees that number jumps to 66%. This is despite all the endpoint and network protection already in place.  How does the DNS play a role in helping?  Field Effect wrote a great piece to help understand how DNS security works. 

It creates a more powerful overall solution for organizations looking to:

  • Prevent access to malicious sites
  • Control the websites your users visit
  • Receive insights with context about the blocked sites and malicious activity
  • Determine if there is other activity, prior to a malicious site being blocked, that requires analysis
  • Gain recommendations to improve the security of the network

You can read more in our press release.