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Canadians Connected 2017, CIRA's symposium and annual general meeting, took place at the Infinity Convention Centre in Ottawa on Tuesday, September 19th.

CIRA members and individuals in the internet community gathered to learn from top digital thinkers and gain insight on CIRA's latest initiatives to build a better online Canada. Attendees heard from keynote speaker, Terry O'Reilly, CIRA board members, and an expert panel.

Here are some highlights from the day.

CBC Radio's Under the Influence host, Terry O'Reilly, delivered a captivating keynote presentation on the social, economic and cultural fabric of Canada and the future of Canadian brands. He talked in depth about the impact of branding and how we, as Canadians, can leverage the internet to our advantage.

Following the Report of Board of Directors, CIRA President and CEO Byron Holland spoke about CIRA's year in review. Byron touched on CIRA's new products and services and the future of the internet from both a Canadian and global perspective.

An expert panel gathered to discuss what smart communities are and what they mean for Canada's future. The panel featured:

  • Sri Elaprolu, Global Lead & Senior Manager, Public Sector IoT, Amazon Web Services
  • Jan Harder, Councillor, City of Ottawa
  • Dan Mathieson, Mayor, City of Stratford
  • Byron Holland, President and CEO of CIRA


Thank you to those who attended the event in Ottawa. The active participation from CIRA Members and stakeholders is one step Canadians can take to help build a better online Canada.

More videos from CIRA are available on our YouTube channel.