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Nearly three quarters of Canadians spend at least three to four hours online per day. You reply to emails, scroll through twitter, check your online banking, order some clothes – it adds up. With more and more of our lives going online – our finances, how we socialize and even how we access government services – it's wise to learn more about staying cybersecure.

If you're concerned about a cybersecurity attack, you're not alone. Canadians' concerns around cybersecurity is growing alongside awareness. Seventy-seven per cent of Canadians are concerned about the threat of a cyberattack against organizations they know, up from 67 per cent in 2016, according to CIRA's 2018 Internet Factbook.

Now is the time to learn about cybersecurity and protecting your privacy online for yourself and for your business. This year's Canadians Connected Symposium on September 27 will focus on just that.

Experts will share the latest insight on staying secure online

You will hear from keynote speaker Nicole Verkindt, Startup Canada's Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, founder of OMX and Dragon on CBC's Next Gen Dragon's Den. You will also learn from an expert panel exploring cybersecurity and online privacy in Canada. There will be opportunities to network with top digital thinkers, participate in the discussion and be part of CIRA's governance by becoming a CIRA Member.

CIRA is all about building a better online Canada and at the annual general meeting portion of the event, attendees will hear about CIRA's recent activities and upcoming plans.  

At Canadians Connected we will not only discuss growing national issues around cybersecurity, we'll provide practical tips and recommendations on how to protect your privacy online.

What are secure online practices I should be following? What are the current cyber risks I should be aware of? How can I ensure my personal information remains private online?

If these questions have been bothering you or spark your curiosity, Canadians Connected is for you. It's free and will be an educational and discussion-filled afternoon that will leave you with practical tips about how to protect yourself and your business online.

Join us on September 27 in Ottawa or via interactive webcast!