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While CIRA manages the .CA registry, we do not sell .CA domain names. A registrar is a company that sells domain names and associated products and services like web hosting, and supports registrants questions or issues they experience regarding these services.

The following is a list of registrars who have certified with CIRA to sell .CA domain names.

Registrar Customer support email Customer support phone Sort descending
Arctic Names Inc.
Domain Robot Enterprises Inc.
Funio - Miss Group Canada Inc
Namesilo Technologies Corp. [email protected]
Wild West Domains Canada, Inc.
Distributel Communications Limited
CSC Corporate Domains (Canada) Company
Gandi Services Inc.
Netfirms, LTD
DotAlliance Inc.
GarNet Research Corp.
Brandsight Canada, LTD.
Telligent Corporation
2229826 Ontario Inc.
Behrendt Professional Corporation
Computer Engineering Inc. Inc
EuroDNS Canada Inc
MarkMonitor International Canada Ltd.
RCOM Canada, Corp.
Huron Telecommunications Co-operative Ltd.
Vaxxine Computer Systems Inc. Canada, Inc. [email protected]
Hébergement OVH Inc. Inc. [email protected] 1 -866-221-7878
CA Registry (Ed Hew) [email protected] 1-226-444-1054
Arvic [email protected] 1-403-234-0844 Inc. [email protected] 1-403-291-0666 [email protected] 1-403-830-1661
FastWebServer 1-416-385-2422
ValueHost [email protected] 1-416-410-6430 1-416-640-0595
Endless Communications Inc. [email protected] 1-416-674-8222
( Add Value International Inc. [email protected] 1-416-829-2290
Réseau Internet Québec - Registraire RIQ [email protected] 1-418-521-2884 ext 3 [email protected] 1-425-274-4500
Uniregistrar Ltd. [email protected] 1-442-600-8800
SafeBrands Canada [email protected] 1-514-600-6124
Mediafusion Inc. [email protected] 1-514-972-7777
London Webmasters [email protected] 1-519-858-9660 [email protected] 1-519-886-2672
Network Solutions Canada ULC 1-570-708-8788
Reg.Ca (RegCA Enterprises Inc.) [email protected] 1-604-534-4191
In2net Network Inc. [email protected] 1-604-608-6868
HEXONET [email protected] 1-604-637-5788 [email protected] 1-604-681-8007
Canadian Internet Technologies Inc. o/a [email protected] 1-613-549-0159
SN Domains Inc [email protected] 1-647-477-1926
Go Get Canada Domain Registrar Ltd. / Namecheap, Inc. [email protected] 1-661-310-2107 [email protected] 1-780-904-8759
Mustang Technologies Inc. [email protected] 1-800-353-6642 inc [email protected] 1-800-431-5811
ISQ Webhosting Inc. [email protected] 1-800-859-8837
NETCLUES INC. [email protected] 1-801-505-9944
easyDNS Technologies Incorporated. [email protected] 1-855-321-3279
Authentic Web Inc. [email protected] 1-855-436-8853
PlanetHoster [email protected] 1-855-774-4678 [email protected] 1-866-244-4095
Dynadot [email protected] 1-866-262-3399 [email protected] 1-866-620-7111 [email protected] 1-866-642-1232 [email protected] 1-866-708-4678
Hover [email protected] 1-866-731-6556
BlackSun Inc [email protected] 1-866-933-9800
Go Daddy Domains Canada, Inc [email protected] 1-866-938-1119
Execulink Telecom [email protected] 1-877-393-2854
Canhost / I-Guru [email protected] 1-877-604-4678
ZiD Internet [email protected] 1-877-659-6505 [email protected] 1-877-734-3667 (Infinet Communications Group) [email protected] 1-877-901-2123 [email protected] 1-877-905-6500
Koallo Inc [email protected] 1-877-956-2556 [email protected] 1-877-990-2047 (4228421 Canada Inc.) [email protected] 1-877-990-7760 1-877-992-2623
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Inc. [email protected] 1-888-267-2411
( 3950573 Canada Inc. [email protected] 1-888-303-7669
DOT CA INC [email protected] 1-888-368-3682
egateDOMAINS Inc. [email protected] 1-888-404-8328
2ic Systems Inc. (SmarttNet) [email protected] 1-888-407-6937
Web Hosting Canada [email protected] 1-888-545-3942
Promo people Inc/HostPapa Inc. [email protected] 1-888-959-7272
CanSpace Solutions [email protected] 1-888-993-6822
Canadian Domain Name Services [email protected] 1-905-436-6814