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How it works for Canadian Communities

Data helps you to measure the infrastructural, demographic, and sociographic results of your broadband programs.

That which you can measure you can manage.

  • Communities get their own custom-branded municipal testing portal accessed via a unique branded domain name.  
  • Portals allow users to run tests and present the speed in your region using heat maps organized by established neighborhoods, wards, or other available criteria that you set.  
  • Decision makers and  citizens alike can compare results across the area in a manner that they understand.


Current participating communities

Benefits of the program

Infrastructure for a Canada-specific test requires investment in the network in addition to hardware and software. Under our non-profit mandate we are not including these costs project fees. Additionally, any complex customization required by a city or region is done on a cost-recovery basis.  So you not only get the worlds most advanced test but you get tremendous value.



What does it cost?

The cost depends on the expected traffic to the testing nodes and therefore is based on the size of your region and the outreach plans you have to help build test volume. We also consider the type of project. The typical cost for an average sized Canadian city or community will be less than $250 monthly - significantly less than it costs to manage the infrastructure because it is part of CIRA's mandate to help build a better online Canada. Moreover, this cost includes customization of the portal, maps, and web address to your region. 



How do I get involved?

Getting involved starts by simply contacting us for a more detailed overview of how it works and how others are using the data. Contact us at to see what it is all about!