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Some of the reasons that over 1.9 million Canadians are protected by CIRA

OpenDNS users don’t automatically get malware protection and paid tiers for OpenDNS and Cisco Umbrella quickly add cost and complexity. We think that the DNS is a simple, effective, and additive layer that benefits from the unique threat intelligence that CIRA brings. Here is why we are better than most other options:

Faster data can optimally route on networks in Canada to improve performance

Private with all data kept secure and sovereign

Affordable solution priced for Canadians

Unique threat intelligence from a leader in global DNS to deliver true defence in depth.

Start a free trial and see the difference for yourself

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Start your free trial today

Pricing starts as low as $99 per year for small businesses.
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Did we mention Canadian? 

  • Includes child exploitation block list from the Canadian Center for Child Protection and the threat feed from the Canadian Center for Cyber Security.
  • CIRA gives back with a sizable grant program and by working with internet exchange points (IXPs).
  • Support as polite, on time and amazing as you would expect from a Canadian partner.