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Cover your bases

Avoid having  your business grind to a halt: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to making sure  your .CA domain stays extra safe. 

They may be sophisticated, but you can stay one step ahead of bad actors online thanks to a .CA Registry Lock for often-targeted high-traffic websites, like government bodies, banks, corporations, institutions and trademark holders. 

Wondering how we do it?

When your .CA domain name is locked at the registry level, your security enters a whole new ballgame. And registry server-level status locks mean .CA holders get extra assurance, too. 

When Registry Lock is applied to a .CA domain name, nothing about it can be changed, transferred or deleted, with the exception of renewals.

Check out how it helps you: 

  • Keep your access stress-free: when you’re looking to make changes to your domain, you’ll work with the registrar who works with the .CA registry, which responds to any lock and unlock requests in under one hour, 24/7. 
  • Buy the service on an annual basis, since it adheres to the expiry and renewal dates of its associated domain name.
  • Rest easy, since this service auto-renews.
  • Leave bad surprises out of the equation: Registry Lock is available to .CA registrants through .CA Certified Registrars.