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Board of Directors’ Meeting
November 21, 2019
9:00 a.m.  – 3:00 p.m.
CIRA Offices at
979 Bank Street, Suite 400

Directors attending: Iris Almeida-Côté, Colleen Arnold, Ryan Black, Don Bowman, Andrew Escobar, Matthew Gamble, Jill Kowalchuk, Tyson Macaulay, Helen McDonald, Crystal Nett, Bill Sandiford, Rob Villeneuve

Advisors: Charles Noir, John Demco, Byron Holland

Corporate Secretary: Brigitte LeBlanc-Lapointe

Recording Secretary: Lynn Gravel

Guests: Sanita Alias, Steven Barry, David Fowler, Andrew Fraser, Paul Havey, Jacques Latour

1.   In-Camera Session                                                    

2.   Approval of Agenda                                                           

3.   Appointment of Substitute Chair – John Demco   

4.   Appointment of Chair         

5.   Appointment of Vice-Chair        

6.   Chair’s Remarks                                                        

7.   Consent Agenda                                                        

  • Approval of the Draft Minutes of the September 24, 2019 Board of Directors’ Meeting
  • Report on Statutory Obligations
  • Management Report
  • Q2-FY20 Financial Results
  • 2019 Returning Officer’s Final Report

8.   Appointment of Returning Officer                            

9.   Report from the Community Investment Committee

10.  Community Investment Program Strategy           

11.  Approval of FY21-FY25 Strategic Plan                                  

12.  Other Business                                                         

  • Corporate Calendar 2019-2021                                         

13.  Next Meeting

14.  In-Camera Session                                                                                                                                               

15.  Adjournment