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You might have a great domain for your business website, but here's a tip from your Canadian domain name experts: a business shouldn't stop at registering just one domain. Building a portfolio of domain names can help you by:

  • Making it easy for your website visitors to find you
  • Allowing you to get creative with branded campaigns and events
  • Protecting and growing your brand in a simple and inexpensive way

Choosing a domain name for your business is like ordering donuts – why pick just one, when you can enjoy a variety pack?

The main domain

There are different factors that go into deciding what your main domain is vs. which ones you want to go into your portfolio.

Having a great domain can add credibility to your business. It's the place for your main website to call home. If you're just getting started, you can download our ebook, The ultimate guide to choosing a domain name.

Checklist: Words that should describe your website's domain name

  • Short
  • Memorable
  • Easy to spell
  • Descriptive of your business
  • Unique

If you can check all of these boxes for your main domain, you've got yourself a great domain name. High five! 

The other domains

The video outlines a few good reasons to start building a portfolio of domain names for your business. Here are some sources of other domain names to keep in your portfolio:

  • Events
  • Product names
  • Campaigns
  • Common misspellings

Search to see what domain names are available to add to your portfolio: