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CIRA’s goal is to build a trusted internet for Canadians.

While our number one priority is the safe and secure management of .CA, Canada’s top-level domain, we also have a mandate to do good things for the internet in Canada.

We give back by investing in projects that support the development of a resilient, secure and trusted internet for all Canadians. We take an active leadership role in developing the internet community in Canada and globally. We also recognize there are many Canadians who lack the opportunity to get online or the skills to do so safely and effectively.

The program has:

  • Built new infrastructure
  • Helped grow Canada’s capacity in digital literacy
  • Enabled non-profits and academic researchers to address emerging digital issues.

Learn more about the grants program


CIRA funds innovative community internet projects across Canada. Our next call for grant applications will take place in 2021.  


CIRA invests and supports initiatives like Internet Exchange Points, the Canadian Internet Governance Forum and our Internet Performance Test.