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OTTAWA – July 5, 2018 –The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of D-Zone DNS Firewall with the deployment of two new server nodes in Montreal and Vancouver. These new server nodes are added to existing locations in Calgary and Toronto to strengthen this made-in-Canada cybersecurity solution.

One year after its release, D-Zone DNS Firewall now serves more than 800,000 users at schools, hospitals, universities, municipalities, and businesses across Canada. As part of our mandate to build a better online Canada, we believe that protecting internet users from malware, ransomware and other cyber attacks is essential to the growth of the digital economy.

Key facts

  • D-Zone DNS Firewall nodes are located exclusively in Canadian data centres and peered to Canadian Internet Exchange Points to provide further resilience from cyber attacks by offering alternative local routes for traffic when a network or server is under attack.
  • Two new server nodes have been deployed in Montreal and Vancouver to expand the Canadian footprint of D-Zone DNS Firewall and ensure all data and network traffic stays in Canada.
  • According to CIRA's 2018 Canadian Internet Security Survey, 32 per cent of respondents reported their users had unwittingly divulged sensitive information due to phishing tactics and 36 per cent of individual domain holders reported spending nothing on cybersecurity protection in 2017. Canada is at risk.
  • CIRA's cybersecurity efforts are essential to fulfilling its mandate to build a better online Canada. This includes programs such as the Cyber Secure Schools program to protect K-12 schools and a partnership with and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to incorporate the data from its Project Arachnid platform into D-Zone DNS Firewall.
  • D-Zone DNS Firewall is built by Canadians, for Canadians. CIRA understands the unique market, regulatory and legal requirements of the Canadian market and has built and priced its cybersecurity solutions to match.
  • D-Zone DNS Firewall is powered by Akamai's DNS Infrastructure and Security and Personalization Services (SPS) solutions, and blocks 1 million malicious domains every month for customers in Canada.
  • CIRA is committed to leveraging our more than 20 years of experience in managing the .CA domain to help protect Canadian businesses, institutions and internet users.

Executive quotes

“After one year in the market, we are thrilled with the response we have received from D-Zone DNS Firewall. Hospitals, schools, municipalities and small businesses across Canada are excited to be able to access enterprise-level cybersecurity that is tailored to their requirements and is accessible within their budgets.”

– Mark Gaudet, DNS Program Manager, CIRA

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About the Canadian Internet Registration Authority

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) manages the .CA top-level domain on behalf of all Canadians. CIRA also develops technologies and services—such as D-Zone DNS Firewall—that help support its goal of building a better online Canada. The CIRA team operates one of the fastest-growing country code top-level domains (ccTLD), a high-performance global DNS network, and one of the world's most advanced back-end registry solutions.