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Participating in the CIRA election shows that you understand the importance of CIRA’s influence in Canada and on the global stage. You must already know the Internet is an amazing shared global resource used by billions of people. You know it continues to change and disrupt the lives of millions of people across Canada. Of course, the .CA ccTLD fits into the Internet as a highly trusted TLD around the globe, but this is especially true for Canadians. Since you’re a CIRA member, you don’t need to be told about the powerful impact the Internet has on our society. You already know the importance of monitoring how it evolves and making sure that it’s nourished and protected with strong stewardship by the CIRA community led by the board of directors.

So, please let me give you a quick summary about why I care about the CIRA community, and why I am asking for your vote as a Member Candidate for the board …

Some of you may remember me as a member candidate from past elections. I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the past, and I’d also like to ask anyone who hasn’t yet voted for me to please consider me this year. I’m committed to a strong healthy Canadian Internet. I’m committed to CIRA’s leadership role in Canada and the world stage. Last, but not least, I’m committed to serving the Members' needs while on the board, and to increasing the number of CIRA memberships. 

I bring decades of technical and management experience, building the infrastructure of the Internet, to the board. While I may understand what’s underneath the hood, I know the most important part of the Canadian Internet is actually the magical impact it has on Canadians. Most Canadians may not know how it works, but they care deeply that it remains trusted, secure and accessible to everyone across Canada. 

I’m passionate about making sure the Internet has a positive impact on all Canadians. Technical experts, disconnected from real users, and large businesses should not ignore the needs of average Canadians. The Canadian Internet must benefit all Canadians. Evidence is building that the Internet is not just a place of social good, but that some social harm also comes with it. CIRA is uniquely positioned to deliver a trusted & secure .CA registry service to Canada, to deliver innovative domain services beyond the registry and to help Canada navigate through the challenges that come with the opportunities found on the Internet.

In addition to my technical background, I also have years of work experience that let’s me understand and represent the interests of Canadian small businesses, as well as, individual domain name owners. Small businesses and individual domain name owners may not have the power and resources of large corporations or governments, but they are the backbone of the Canadian Internet. It’s important for their interests to be represented at the Board of Directors level. 

The thing that’s obvious about the internet is that it connects all of us. It’s not just about individuals as members or even as board members. It’s about building communities together. I’m a team player. I have experience building teams and communities. I understand the challenges of balancing different interests and still making progress to move forward towards common goals. In the end, I know that a well functioning CIRA community serves the interests of all Canadians in a way that’s better than what we can do as isolated individuals.

You can find out more about my background at this link David Mackey
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I’m excited to be an active participant in CIRA’s 2020 campaign forum. I look forward to answering all your questions. This is one of the few times that CIRA members have a chance to exchange ideas and create a better Internet for Canada through conversation. Let’s make it a great conversation.