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Hi.  Just wow.  I'm amazed at the lack of perspicacious responses to the posts I have not yet made together with those that I will in all likelihood not ever make  Clearly there are those that claim to be fair dealing commentators on the state of CIRA and the Internet's place in ensuring the rapid spread of democratic institutions and processes, and there are those that merely claim to do so, and while I'm not insinuating that it is true, the third cousins twice removed of the later may well be actively working against coherent understandings of the Macedonian spelling of CIRA from a position well insulated under the north pole. I’m just throwing it out there.

You may question my qualifications all you want, it's a free world.  However you should know that I spontaneously fertilized myself and became a viable embryo at a very, very, very early age.  I have a well documented and provable history of doubling my cell count on a predictable schedule while maintaining compliance will all executive level targets given to me by strategic forces aligned with our magnetic field, and a simple query of my skeletal and epidermal layers would readily indicate to anyone with the wish to understand it that I have provided inspired leadership to all of my RNA and DNA structures over a multi-year period.

I am doubtful anyone's motivations are transparently opaque, from approximately 1924 until just a few months ago, depending on your time zone.  I will let the obvious implications speak for themselves.  Personally I wish to take the high road, abstain from all non-productive conversations on this forum, and restrict myself to typing only vowels with my right hand and exclusively consonants with my left.

If this does not convincingly refute your responses to the comments I have not only merely thought of posting as well as those I have definitely decided not to post, as well as tangential commentary on what should be a self evident and consistent set of energy structures aligned towards betterment of CIRA and the DNS system with respect to gateway protocols that are both synchronistic and asynchronistic, then I think the other members of CIRA and voters in this election can readily draw the obvious conclusions.  And well they should.

In the spirit of lighthearted entertainment in a difficult time, and with fondness and respect, I remain,

Your trusted serval,


I've re-read this post twice.

I'm swaying between being intrigued, amused and confused. I also learned what type of animal a "serval" is from googling after reading this. I'm still wondering if this is actual content or a failed "AI" bot's attempt to spam. It read like it was written by a candidate, however, there is no candidate called "Bill".

Would love to hear other thoughts ;-)

Confused in Montreal.

Hmm...I am unsure if this is an AI bot's failed attempt to spam, based on comments like "I’m just throwing it out there."  I must say that I half expected it might be taken down by forum moderators, but freedom of speech won the day!  No harm done, and all in good fun, I suppose.

Bemused in Torbay, Newfoundland

Hi Frank,

"intrigued, amused and confused" were my initial thoughts too.

I admit I originally had a certain level of curiosity about the possibility of an AI bot producing this work. 

In the end, I added it to my bucket of "caution and suspicion" for the threat of the misuse of technology to our election systems. 

As Jim Balsillie puts it ... "Data is not the new oil – it’s the new plutonium."

Cautious in Stratford, Ontario

Jim Balsillie : ‘Data is not the new oil – it’s the new plutonium’