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I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the 2020 Campaign Forum.

Regardless of any individual perspective, I think everyone can agree that this campaign forum provided an excellent venue to exchange ideas about CIRA’s future. We should be happy with our collective effort to make this forum a success.

Since it takes the effort of many individuals to make a successful CIRA community,  you may wish to view the list of the participants who contributed to the forum discussion. The list can been found at the bottom of this post.

Campaign Forum Success Metrics = 11 Topics, 132 Comments &  20 Participants


It’s also important to acknowledge the hard work done by all the CIRA Staff. Whether it’s the behind the scenes work to make this forum and the AGM a success, or the staff working across the spectrum of CIRA projects and services, they all deserve special recognition and our thanks for their hard work.

As a voting member who must consider how to vote this year, please review the summary of my 2020 Campaign Commitments. Individual commitments are found throughout the forum discussion.

David Mackey’s 2020 Campaign Commitments

1. Work with the CIRA Governance Chair on CIRA Election System Reform

2. Increase Membership Engagement

3. Support CIRA’s current Mandate with no changes

4. Prepare CIRA for unsolicited bids from Private Equity (as seen with the Internet Society & Ethos Capital)

5. Review whether a non-voting Past President role can be added to the board to improve institutional memory

6. Support blog posts and production of free resources for Public Cybersecurity Education

7. Support Public Debate and Education about Online Censorship in Canada

8. Monitor the CDRP Stewardship for “Case Creep”; See if lightweight check for “case validity” is needed


Good luck to all the candidates in this year’s CIRA election!

David Mackey



Campaign Forum Participants

Frank Michlick
Kerry Brown
Marita Moll
Paul Andersen
Susan Mehinagic

Member Slate
Liza Aboud
Alex Beraskow
Jacqueline (Jackie) Fitzpatrick
Joseph Hickey
David Mackey
Jennifer Sondergaard
Joanna Starczynowski
Michele Rioux

Nomination Candidates
Ryan Black
Dan Byron