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Federal election forum on internet policy

Internet policy has never been more important to Canadian users’ and the development of Canada’s internet – and lawmakers have never felt more pressure to regulate the web. Since the beginning of 2019 there have been a rash of major digital policy announcements affecting Canada’s internet. But with so much to keep track of, there is a need to catch attendees up on where we find ourselves, and what key digital policy issues lie ahead in the 2019 federal election.

To help fill this gap, CIRA will bring together leaders in Canadian internet policy who can provide audience members an overview of the issues, where the parties stands, and what they believe ought to be done.


Anja Karadeglija

The Wire Report

Anja Karadeglija is the editor of The Wire Report, a daily online news outlet that focuses on the Canadian media and telecom industries. She heads a team of journalists on Parliament Hill who report on key political, regulatory and business developments in the industry. The Wire Report also specializes in legal and court reporting, including internet, privacy and copyright law.

She closely follows Canadian telecom, broadcasting and digital media, with a special focus on regulatory, particularly the CRTC. Anja has degrees in journalism and political science from Carleton University. She’s on Twitter at @AnjaKaradeglija and @thewirereport.

Laura Tribe


Laura Tribe is the executive director at OpenMedia, a community-based organization working to keep the internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free. Laura has testified before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), appeared before parliamentary committees, and launched a federal investigation into the RCMP’s use of Stingray cell phone surveillance devices. With a background in the intersection of human rights and information communication technologies, Laura is working to protect what makes the internet great. She holds a bachelors degree in Media, Information and Technoculture from Western University, and an masters in Communications from Carleton University. Follow her on Twitter @ltribe and @openmediaorg.

Elizabeth Dubois

University of Ottawa

Dr. Elizabeth Dubois (PhD, University of Oxford) is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and member of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society at the University of Ottawa. She is also a Fellow at the Public Policy Forum of Canada and member of Assembly based at MIT Media Lab and Harvard’s Berkman-Klein Center. Her work examines political uses of digital media including media manipulation, citizen engagement, and artificial intelligence. She leads a multi-disciplinary team including political scientists, computer scientists, and communication students. She collaborates internationally with non-profits, technology companies, journalists, and academics. Her public writing has appeared in Maclean's, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, Policy Options, The Conversation, Salon and been featured in many others. Find her on Twitter @lizdubois, at, or check out her latest article, The Echo Chamber is Overstated.