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Drawing on more than 20 years of experience managing .CA on behalf of Canadians, the CIRA Registry Platform offers unique and significant support to businesses looking to launch or strengthen their Brand top-level domain name. 

Whether you call them “Brand TLDs” or “dotBrands”, they are an effective way to increase brand awareness, security and brand protection. Brand Top-Level Domains (TLDs) also provide a digital identity platform to improve trust, reach your audiences, and create a divisible and secure space for your company’s needs. But operating a Brand TLD can come at a heavy cost for both your team and your wallet. 

That’s where CIRA comes in. We’ve taken everything we know about operating a world-class ccTLD and put it into the industry-leading CIRA Registry Platform, a next-generation TLD management platform with features, functionality and flexibility for the modern TLD business. With flexible deployment options, patented tools and boutique service, forward-thinking brands have made CIRA Registry Services their partner of choice. 

After reviewing the global market for back-end TLD solutions, CIRA is the only provider that offers us the agility to run our business the way we need it to be run. [They deliver] a system driven by the need for modern technology and business innovation, and when coupled with world-class management and support teams, it was a very straightforward decision for us.

Angus Richardson Managing Director, Dot Kiwi Limited

CIRA supports brands with: 

World-class expertise

We’ve taken everything we know about operating a variety of world-class ccTLDs and put it into our platform and service. Brands receive the same world-class product and support. 

A powerful platform that’s easy to use

Only CIRA has custom tools to make it ridiculously easy to manage every facet of a Brand TLD. 

A tailored service

Understanding the options, risks and ground rules that go into preparing an application and guiding you through completing one.

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