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Cybera partners with CIRA to offer new high-performance DNS services for Alberta’s public and education sectors



The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and Cybera, Alberta’s not-for-profit technology accelerator, have partnered to offer Cybera’s members improved Domain Name System (DNS) protection and performance.

This service will be useful for larger public and education institutions in the province that run their own .ca domain, and are at risk of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. CIRA’s D-Zone Anycast DNS service will be offered to Cybera members at no cost, bringing advanced cyber-security and web-performance to public and education sector institutions of all sizes.

  • CIRA’s D-Zone Anycast DNS service has an expansive Canadian server footprint, offering several important advantages for Canadian institutions. CIRA’s service keeps DNS data in Canada, improving performance for Canadian users and helping to limit the unnecessary flow of cross-border data.
  • With the majority of DDoS attacks originating from overseas, CIRA’s service can help to maintain network performance, even when it is experiencing a significant attack. Global servers can soak up the attack before it reaches Canadian servers, allowing D-Zone to reduce the risk of critical failures due to DDoS attacks.
  • Cybera operates Alberta’s high-speed Research and Education Network, which connects members to researchers and educators around the world. It also offers members direct peering and internet bulk-buying services, generating major network efficiencies. This new service will bring advanced cybersecurity protection to educators, libraries, and government organizations across the province, helping to increase network performance and protect these institutions from malicious attacks.

This service is available immediately, and can be accessed by Cybera members at no cost. The setup can be completed in a matter of minutes.

"We are excited to be offering this free DNS service, as it will greatly improve the performance and reliability of the DNS infrastructure used by our members, who include some of the largest education and government organizations in the province. CIRA is very experienced with global DNS infrastructure and DDoS mitigation, and we are pleased to partner with them to offer this beneficial service."

-Jean-Francois Amiot

Network and Operations Director, Cybera