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D-Zone Anycast DNS adds additional stability for thousands of high-profile Canadian websites



Canadian web services firm Korax has selected the .CA D-Zone Anycast DNS solution to deliver DNS infrastructure services to thousands of customers in Canada. Korax deployed D-Zone rapidly to add a resilient and reliable DNS to its service offerings, improving protection from DDoS attacks and reducing latency for Canadian websites.

  • Korax needed a DNS infrastructure with exceptional uptime that could help protect a high-profile portfolio of customers from DDoS attacks. .CA D-Zone Anycast DNS delivers a prudent layer of protection for websites or web applications serving the Canadian market.
  • With support from the .CA team, Korax was able to turn-on the service for thousands of customers in a matter of minutes. .CA D-Zone Anycast DNS is deployed using a simple API or bulk upload that allows hosting companies to integrate the service quickly into their administrative back-end. This newly resilient infrastructure helps all of Korax’s customers, from the largest with over 10,000 employees to smaller local retailers.
  • As a Canadian hosting company, Korax and its customers see the value of an Internet infrastructure that keeps Canadian data close to home from an initial web query, through a visitor’s interaction on the website. By linking a network of DNS servers throughout Canada to a set of global nodes, the .CA D-Zone Anycast DNS offers the most comprehensive and responsive DNS infrastructure for companies doing business in Canada.
  • Damaging cyberattacks can happen to anyone and companies managing high-value web properties need advanced tools to help mitigate online threats. This is especially true for organizations with highly political or transactional websites, such as election campaigns, police forces or e-commerce companies.

We had been searching for an anycast DNS solution to integrate into our service.  None of the other offerings we looked at were quite right for us.  D-Zone came along at the right time, and it was a perfect fit: a Canadian solution, backed by the expertise of CIRA, designed to protect Canadian traffic and deliver the best performance to our clients' Canadian visitors. We're excited to provide the benefits of D-Zone Anycast DNS to all our customers, and we applaud CIRA's initiatives to foster a stronger and more resilient Canadian Internet infrastructure.

-Alex Bulan

Operations Manager and co-founder of Korax