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Storm Internet protects network from DDoS attack with made-in-Canada DNS solution



Storm Internet has deployed the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) D-Zone Anycast DNS solution to protect its business against DDoS attack and improve the reliability of customer-facing and corporate web services.

  • Storm Internet serves Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec with fast, reliable and affordable high-speed Internet services.
  • Internet service providers, or ISPs, can improve the performance of key corporate and customer-facing services through DNS security investments. As critical providers of connectivity and communication services, ISPs play an important role in ensuring high standards of cybersecurity.
  • With D-Zone Anycast DNS, Storm Internet will experience reduced latency for its web services, enhanced protection from DDoS attacks, and improved performance of its web-based applications including customer email.
  • As the most comprehensive Canadian DNS solution on the market, CIRA D-Zone Anycast DNS provides an expansive Canadian footprint of servers that help keep Canadian data inside Canada.

Customers rely on our website for email services, payments and support. Having a DNS solution to increase the reliability of these services from two Canadian companies helps us better serve our customers. Choosing D-Zone was a natural fit.

-Avedis Menechian

CEO Storm Internet