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Registering a domain name and building a website is an important step in establishing a credible, customizable online presence for your business or idea.

We already know that .CA is a great choice for Canadian businesses - but what should go to the left of the dot? Well, that's up to you! Our short video goes over the steps you can take to secure an available domain name that meets criteria that will help brand your business and draw more visitors to your site.

The video goes over the following three steps:

  1. Register the domain name of your business (if it's available) or brainstorm a combination of your business name and keywords.
  2. Ensure your domain name is easy to remember and type, so that you aren't missing out on any website visits.
  3. Build a portfolio of domain names. This doesn't mean you have to build more than one website – with your Registrar you will be able to point additional domain names to your site, which will live on your main domain. Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. does a great job of this. The more domain names you have, the more protected your brand will be online.

Once you're ready to register your domain name, type it in our search below.