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What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is an online directory service for searching for information about domain names. CIRA maintains a WHOIS registry for querying the .CA registry database (the national domain of Canada).

What Information Does WHOIS Access?

When you perform a WHOIS search for a domain, you have access to the following information, among other things:

  • Status (ie whether a domain name is available or already registered);
  • Creation, deadline and update dates;
  • The name of the registrar;
  • The name of the holder *;
  • Contact details for administrative and technical information * people.

* In the case of non-individual holders, for example companies, the name of the holder and the contact details of the administrative and technical information contacts are displayed by default. When the Registrant is an individual, such as a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, the Registrant's name and administrative and technical information contacts are not displayed in WHOIS.

Procedure for communicating with a cardholder
- how the message delivery form works

If you wish to contact a Cardmember whose information is not displayed in WHOIS, you can use the  Electronic Message Delivery Form , which allows you to send them a message while allowing CIRA to remain anonymous.

When you have completed the form, your message will be sent to the holder's administrative contact email address provided by the holder. CIRA cannot guarantee that the message will be received, read or replied to by the recipient.