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Mobile Internet adoption surges says new report from the Internet Society

 We take a look at the Internet Society's second annual Global Internet Report.
Par CIRA Staff

 We take a look at the Internet Society’s second annual Global Internet Report.

…we use smartphones and tablets with a range of features and sensors not available or needed in a traditional computer. These enable us to take and share videos; learn a trade and improve our livelihoods; help with our fitness and personal safety; and contribute to countless other activities.

Kathy Brown, President and CEO of Internet Society

The mobile Internet is changing the way we interact with the world. While the benefits are easy to identify, there remains challenges to overcome if it is continue to grow. So says the second annual Global Internet Report from the Internet Society:

  • Mobile adoption rates continue to soar, especially in the developing world.
  • Questions come up regarding the privacy implications of smartphones.
  • Concerns arise of whether we are doing enough to accomodate the next two billion people coming online.  

It’s not all bad though, as ISOC have outlined recommendations on closing the digital divide, while also not hindering innovation or infringing on civil rights.

The 2015 Global Internet Report is a fascianting read and provides a great snapshot of what the Internet looks like today.

The online portal is available here

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