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Being a parent is an amazing and magical experience, and it's spectacular to see your kids learn and grow before your eyes. 

However, if you haven't heard, parenting can also be a challenge and it never hurts to have great advice and resources to help with the troubles along the way. 

There are thousands of Canadian parents just like you that are having the same speed bumps and it just so happens that a few of those parents share their experiences and tips online too.  

With that said, here’s a list of 12 Canadian bloggers that help parents (just like you) be the best parents that they can.

1. Joanna Venditti –  

On, Joanna shares her stories of motherhood, interior design, lifestyle, and wellness. Back in 2013, with twins on the way, Joanna decided to create a personal blog and share her insights and stories with others. Residing in Milton, Ontario, she continues to share her expertise and parenting skills through her very well-designed and inspirational blog.

2. Cheryl Kirkness –

Whether it’s tasty recipes, holiday activities, party ideas, or printable games, Moms & Munchkins has loads of free information and resources to make any event special for children and parents alike. With a taste for party planning and parenting, Cheryl decided to create her blog back in 2011 and has been enthusiastic about it since! Living out in Regina, Saskatchewan, Cheryl uses her son’s imagination as an inspiration for the blog and freebies.  

 3. Rebekah Higgs -

Rebekah Higgs is truely inspirational. After moving to Toronto from the east coast, Rebekah became a single mother at the age of 31. With a lack of energy living in the city, she decided to move back home where her father gave her the opportunity to live in a run down rental property for free in exchange for renovating the house. By the time Rebekah was 34, she created the "Welcome Home Project", a web series showcasing how she renovated a 1951 styled home. Her love for home renovations and storytelling pushed her to create the DIY Mom blog in late 2015 where Rebekah shares her creative ideas helping other single mothers like her who are in need of of help, but on a small budget.  Today, Rebekah continues to share her wisdom, being an inspiration to mothers all across Canada. 

4. Yummy Mummy Club –

Providing a caring community of mothers, the Yummy Mummy Club is a collaboration of bloggers getting together to share their insights on parenting. With a large assortment of categories to read about including pregnancy, family, health, culture, sleep, inspiration, and more, the Yummy Mummy Club is a great source for parenting information. Interested in becoming a part of their community? Sign up for their weekly newsletter filled with free content and information!

5. Milk and Coco –

Milk and Coco are the only married parent bloggers on this list. What's interesting about their blog is that both Mom (Milk) and Dad (Coco) each have their own seperate blog on their website. Both Milk and Coco provide a unique perspective on parenting while sharing their experiences, recipes, DIY projects, and tips through their blog. 

6. Tyler Ingram –

With a love for photography and writing, Tyler Ingram is a firmware engineer by day, and a daddy blogger by night. On his blog, Tyler talks about things relating to parenting including product reviews, technology, interesting experiences, travelling with kids, health, and general parenting tips. 

7. Sheri McDonald –

If you’ve got a teenager, this blog may be of interest. Sheri McDonald’s blog, is loaded with information on handling the awkward teenage years ranging from various topics including sleep deprivation, communication, financial tips, anxiety, teaching them to drive, and more. The teenage years can be quite a challenge, so it’s best to be armed with all the information you can get!   

8. Janette Shearer –

Focused on the parenting lifestyle, Ava to Zoe is Vancouver’s top lifestyle blog. With the name of her blog dedicated to her kids, Janette writes about living the mom lifestyle in Vancouver. She posts fun recipes, honest reviews, Vancouver events, décor, and more. With a crafty side as well, be sure to check out her online store filled with custom made leather keychains too!  

9. James Smith –

Filled with information and stories, James Smith is a British-Canadian daddy blogger located in Vancouver, B.C. On his blog, you can find hundreds of posts on parenting, how-to builds, things to do in Vancouver, technology, dad fashion, and work-life balance. With a wide range of thoughts and lessons, James’ blog is very insightful. Don’t have the time to read his posts? Be sure to check out his podcast, The Social Dad, on Spotify!

10. Jody Arsenault –

With a goal of inspiring others, Jody decided to create Mommy Moment back in 2010. Starting off by sharing fun craft ideas and content, her blog has grown massively since then and is filled with recipes, product reviews, and inspiration for both moms and dads.  

11. Ottawa Mommy Club – 

Similar to the Yummy Mummy Club, the Ottawa Mommy Club also has a large number of bloggers that contribute to the website’s success. Located in (you guessed it), Ottawa, Ontario, the OMC is dedicated to putting out information that is relevant to the Ottawa parenting community. Filled with information on things to do, family life, reviews, wellness, activities, and more, the Ottawa Mommy Club is definitely worth looking into if you live in (or close to) Ottawa! 

12. Dashing Dad –

Located in Calgary, Dashing Dad is a full-time, stay-at-home dad. On his blog, he talks about what it's like being a stay at home Dad with loads of stories on what to do with your kid in Calgary.  If you live near the area, this blog is definitely worth subscribing to.   

Do you know any other great .CA parenting blogs we should check out? Let us know!

If you think you have this parenting thing all figured out, maybe you should start your own blog to share your tips with the rest of us? Get started with your blog by finding your .CA domain name today!