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As purpose-driven champions for a trusted internet in Canada, environmental sustainability is an extension of our mission and vision.

At ​CIRA, we recognize the need to operate the .CA top-level domain in a sustainable manner on behalf of Canadians. For our people and our planet, we are committed to doing our part to pave the way for a sustainable internet and to support Canada in meeting its climate targets. That’s why we’re working to minimize our energy, emissions and waste impact on the planet through the three guiding pillars that make up our environmental sustainability strategy.


CIRA's environmental sustainability policy is made up of three pillars:

How CIRA contributes towards creating an environmentally sustainable office where employees can thrive.

This includes:

  • CIRA’s LEED gold-certified office building,
  • Waste reduction efforts in the workplace by enhancing waste data, resource efficiency and employee education
  • Encouraging sustainable commuting options for employees (CIRA is currently a remote workplace during the ongoing pandemic)

Internet and IT technology usage create more greenhouse gas emissions than the aviation industry and is predicted to account for eight per cent of emissions by 2025.

To do its part in curbing greenhouse gas emissions from its operations, CIRA will commit to:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from data centres through data collection, energy consumption reduction protocols and prioritizing data centre locations with lower grid emissions intensity, where viable
  • Sustainable procurement as it relates to equipment suppliers
  • Reducing emissions from business travel

This pillar relates to advancing efforts towards a greener internet in collaboration with external partners.

This includes:

  • Funding climate-action related internet projects, including green data centre research
  • Collaborating with suppliers to provide a clear environmental policy and sustainability credentials
  • Reporting on CIRA’s progress towards its sustainability performance

Environmental sustainability

To learn more about CIRA's environmental sustainability strategy, check out our press release. Gbb Lt Silver 2023