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Three service options for TLDs

1. Secondary anycast DNS trusted by the most discerning TLDs

CIRA has built a global anycast cloud, available as a cost-effective service to other TLD registries needing performance and security for their zone file.

  • Every global node is connected to transit and peered to the local IX to reduce query time and improve DDoS resilience – over 5,400 peered networks and counting!
  • Massive global capacity served from European, Asian, and North American nodes
  • Portal-less solution designed for a TLD’s needs
  • PCAP stats collection

2. White labeled anycast DNS service

CIRA delivers an anycast secondary service for the Canadian market to hundreds of hosting companies, registrars, governments, universities and corporations. TLDs can bring this capability to their nation by offering a free service to registrars to enhance the value of domains or by creating your own pricing model and offering a for revenue service.

  • Complete white-labelled anycast secondary solution for your market
  • World-class DNS performance for your domain holders and registrars
  • Enhanced protection from cyberattacks on the DNS
  • Localized customer web management console (or accessed via REST API)

3. Shared anycast for ccTLDs

Many ccTLDs are looking to enhance their local Internet capability by supporting exchange points, standards adoption, and sound Internet governance. We can help you increase the resilience of the local DNS infrastructure. TLDs may elect to operate their own node within the region and contribute it to the global cloud.

  • Operate as a local or global node
  • Connect directly to local IXP for a more resilient local infrastructure
  • Faster response time for your TLD


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