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An internet for all Canadians!

As a member-based, purpose-driven organization, our greatest advocates are our members. Their support and contributions help us advance our mission to build a trusted internet for Canadians—an internet that is free, open, interoperable and equitable.

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Not a member?

What joining Canada’s internet community can mean to you:

Membership is exclusively for .CA holders! There is no additional cost beyond the registration of your .CA domain and it remains active as long as your domain remains registered.

Support innovative and important initiatives that build a safer, stronger and more connected Canadian internet—like Net Good by CIRA.

Play a fundamental role in CIRA’s governance by electing our board members, approving changes to CIRA’s by-laws and more.

Stay up-to-date on CIRA’s latest initiatives and products, industry trends and issues that affect Canadian internet users every day.

Share your opinions on membership and important internet issues. We’re always looking for feedback on ways to create value for members and Canadian internet users.

And membership has perks! Gain first access to free events and webinars, fun giveaways, member merch and more.

How to become a member

With a .CA domain in hand, membership is simple.

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Already a member?

Learn how you can get involved

The more members actively supporting and contributing to the development of Canada’s internet, the better! Here’s how members can get involved:

CIRA’s board elections

Actively participating in the election process is one of the ultimate ways to activate your role as a member. Members can:

  • Run as a candidate for election
  • Endorse candidates looking to get on the final ballot
  • Pose questions to candidates
  • Elect board members

No matter what your level of involvement in the election process is, your actions contribute to CIRA’s strategic direction and the development our programs, products and services that leverage all that the internet has to offer.


CIRA’s annual general meeting (AGM)

Members play a critical role in CIRA’s AGM. A quorum of 100 members must be present for the AGM to proceed. During the AGM, members can:

  • Move and second motions
  • Ask questions and/or provide comments related to motions and business operations
  • Vote on motions related to the operation of the organization

At our AGM, hear about the progress and development of our work for Canada’s internet, CIRA’s financial state and future direction. Attendance enables you to use your voice and your vote, directly contributing to CIRA’s operations and governance.


Learning, connecting and sharing

Beyond the business aspects of membership, there are other opportunities to deepen your connection with CIRA, activate your membership and make your voice heard. Make the most of your membership by:

  • Learning about CIRA’s history, latest initiatives, board work and industry trends
  • Leveraging internet business, policy, technical and practical resources
  • Connecting with members and CIRA leaders alike through events
  • Providing feedback through surveys and consultations
  • Sharing your knowledge with your network

How to manage your membership

Update your contact info, change your communication preferences, retrieve your memberID and see the list of .CA domains associated with your membership.

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Keep your membership active

Make sure to renew your .CA domain name before it expires!

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Canada’s internet needs you!

Take your involvement in Canada’s internet to the next level and become a CIRA member. Help us fulfill CIRA’s mission to build a trusted internet for all Canadians.