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Your organization relies on the DNS more than ever.

Here are just a few impacted services:

Email and VoIP

Websites and online applications

CRM and Marketing Automation

Data centres and cloud

Your brand reputation

Your ability to conduct business

Anycast DNS

In 20 minutes CIRA can review your current DNS footprint and provide you with an overview of how CIRA Anycast DNS can help

A secondary DNS infrastructure from a trusted global provider

  • Globally deployed nodes peered to thousands of networks for better performance
  • Redundant hardware, software, transit, and management for stronger resilience
  • Improved DDoS protection with massive over-provisioning and by soaking attacks where they occur

CIRA Anycast DNS

More Canadian locations peered to more Canadian networks than anyone else.

  • Faster for your most important customers
  • Better protection from off-shore DDoS attacks
  • Add one, or thousands, of domains in minutes

Download the CIRA Anycast DNS one-pager to learn more

CIRA TLD Anycast

A trusted DNS partner to the top-level domain industry.

  • Over 8,500 Global peering relationships
  • 550+ TLDs protected globally
  • Options for secondary, hybrid-cloud and in-country service

Download the CIRA TLD Anycast one-pager to learn more

CIRA's Anycast DNS Service is trusted by: