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This free, Canadian-based tool, allows you to measure your internet’s actual performance in real network conditions, representing Canadians’ internet experience in real-time.

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Wondering what’s going on with your connection?

Follow these steps to better understand your internet:

  1. Connect directly to your home network (a VPN connection won’t return accurate results!)
  2. Tap Start
  3. Confirm your exact location on the pop-up map to improve the accuracy of the data
  4. You can also provide additional information about your connection in the pre-test survey. This way you can compare what you are receiving against the service you pay for.
Run a test

With one click you
will be able to determine:

Download speed

how fast you can transfer data FROM the internet

Upload speed 

how fast you can transfer data TO the Internet


the time it takes your data to travel from your computer to the test server and back again

DNSSEC capability

if your connection has enabled important security features

IPV6 capability

the ability for your computer to connect with the latest internet protocols

Detailed TCP statistics

are available in the advanced view