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The .CA WHOIS does not release information about individual registrants and their Administrative and Technical Contacts. The personal information of corporate registrants is displayed by default. Information may be protected in special circumstances.

In order to facilitate communication with registrants whose contact information is not displayed in WHOIS, please use the following form.

  1. Enter the recipient's domain name in the field below. The domain name must be a .ca for which the contact information is not displayed in WHOIS.
  2. Fill in the Message Delivery form. Please keep your message to 4,000 characters or less.
  3. Click on the hyperlink sent to your email to send the message. Your message will not be sent without completing this confirmation step. This will prevent unauthorized use of your email and ensure that a valid email address has been provided for the message recipient to contact you. Please note: If you do not complete this confirmation step within seven days, your message will be deleted, and you will need to submit the form again.

The message is forwarded to the Registrants Administrative Contact. CIRA cannot guarantee that messages will be delivered, read, and/or responded to.