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Why re-invent the wheel? Run your registry with the CIRA Registry Platform; gain the features required by other TLDs worldwide.


Powered by CIRA Registry Platform

Our growing list of registry partners represents over 4 million domains under management. They include:

  • .CA (Canada)
  • .IE (Ireland)
  • .NZ (New Zealand)
  • .SX (Sint Maarten)
  • .ECO
  • .KIWI
  • .CROWN
  • .MLS

Join a community of TLDs that entrust their critical infrastructure with the CIRA Registry Platform, one of the world’s most reliable registry operators.

Why choose CIRA as your back-end registry provider?

We are:


We’ve been managing the .CA domain for Canada for over 20 years, with 100% uptime. And in the last decade, we’ve been trusted by registries worldwide to operate their critical infrastructure.


Our patented tools provide a business rules engine for your registry. Create powerful, variable pricing models; easily manage roles, access and administration; customize notifications and messaging.

Constantly iterating

We’re building a new registry every month, constantly developing unparalleled new features for tomorrow.

Security conscious

ISO 27001:2013 certified and a trusted Secondary Anycast provider to over 500 TLDs.

Community leaders

We are deeply involved and have representation at ICANN, CENTR, the IGF and many more initiatives in the internet community.


We provide an integrated BI solution that manages both registry and DNS data. Build your business with reporting at the registry and registrar level.

Driven by purpose

We are a not-for-profit organization that works hard to build a trusted internet.

Contact our Registry Services team to see how we can help run your TLD registry.