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.CA Registry Lock is a service that provides an extra layer of security against domain name hijacking by locking the domain name at the registry level, preventing the domain name from being deleted or transferred or any domain name information from being altered. 

When enabled, .CA Registry Lock applies locks to a domain name that will reject requests submitted to the registry to delete, transfer, or edit the domain name information.

Why should I get .CA Registry Lock?

How valuable is your .CA domain name to you? If your .CA was hijacked, would your business grind to a halt?

As bad actors in the Internet space become increasingly sophisticated, the breadth and impact of attacks increases correspondingly.

Using .CA Registry Lock will provide an additional assurance for high-profile, high-traffic websites that have traditionally been targets for bad actors in the online space, including:

  • Government bodies

  • Banks

  • Corporations

  • Educational institutions

  • Ecommerce companies

  • Large enterprises

  • Trademark holders

How does .CA Registry Lock work?

By locking a .CA domain name at the registry level, a different level of security is realized. Using registry server-level status locks provides additional assurance for .CA holders. Here’s how it works:

  • When Registry Lock is applied to a .CA domain name, no attributes of the domain are changeable and no transfer or deletion transactions can be processed against the domain name, with the exception of renewals.
  • This means that if the registrant wishes to make any changes to their domain, the registrant must first work with their registrar, who will in turn work with the .CA registry. The .CA registry will respond to any lock and unlock requests in under one hour, on a 24x7 basis, so accessing your .CA domain name is secure and easy!
  • .CA contacts and hosts can also be locked (as long as they aren’t shared).
  • The service is sold on an annual basis and adheres to the expiry and renewal dates of its associated domain name.
  • The service auto-renews with the .CA domain name.
  • Like the other services provided by CIRA, the service is available to .CA registrants through .CA Certified Registrars.