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To-Be-Released (TBR) is the process by which CIRA reveals the recently deleted .CA domains that are becoming available again for general registration.

TBR sessions are held every Wednesday from 19:00-20:00 (UTC). Be sure to note the release date for each domain, as the list often displays domains from two different upcoming sessions. The list is updated daily.

If a domain is not registered during a TBR session, it will be available for general registration within 24 hours.

How to buy

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How to buy – participating registrars

If you're interested in a domain on the TBR list, place a back-order with one of the providers below in advance of the applicable TBR session to attempt to “catch” the name. A TBR session is the only chance for a domain to be preferentially registered before it is made available to the public at large.

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