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Choose .CA. If you know what's good for you.

You're one of us eh?

You can only get a .CA domain if you have a Canadian presence. It’s your way of proudly proclaiming, “I’m Canadian and so is my website!”. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for .CA.

We give back.

Because giving back is the Canadian way. A portion of every .CA domain purchase goes back into Canada’s internet community through CIRA’s Community Investment Program. So don’t be selfish. Choose .CA.

Don't be handcuffed by .com.

83% of Canadian internet users prefer shopping on a site with a .CA domain name. Canadians support each other. So, if you choose a .com, you’re only hurting yourself.

The ‘Eh’ team.

Our .CA Domain Squad loves three things: their country, .CA domains, and the smell of pine. They’ve been around since dial-up, circa 1987, protecting and serving .CA ever since. 

For your eyes only: Our DECLASSIFIED domain guide.

Learn top-secret information, like:

  1. Why your domain name is important
  2. How to choose the right domain name
  3. How to register and set up your domain
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Give your website an added kick.

Here is some further evidence to help with your investigation into which domain is right for your business.

Are you a registered .com offender?

70% of Canadians prefer to support a Canadian business. If you still need reasons to choose a .CA at this point, maybe you should ask yourself: “do I actually love my country?”.