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You're one of us eh?

You can only get a .CA domain if you have a Canadian presence. It’s your way of proudly proclaiming, “I’m Canadian and so is my website!”. 

We give back.

A portion of every .CA domain purchase goes back into improving the internet in Canada through CIRA’s Community Investment Program. Because giving back is the Canadian way.

Canadians prefer .CA.

Canadians are 4x more likely to prefer .CA than .com websites for shopping when they have a choice*.

Learn how to pick the perfect domain.

Read our domain guide for Canadians and learn about:

  1. Why your domain name is important
  2. How to choose the right domain name
  3. How to register and set up your domain
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Your questions, answered.

 Learn more about domain names:

Domain name basics

Learn about the domain name system, the components of a domain name, and why domains are critical to your online brand. 

Make your website true north strong

More than 7-in-10 Canadians agree that they prefer to support Canadian businesses whenever possible*. The other three probably don't even like maple syrup.

*Research conducted in 2019 by The Strategic Counsel.

Find your .CA today

Use our search tool to find an available domain, then select a registrar to complete your registration. Registrars sell domains at different price points and combine domain purchases with other helpful services - find one that meets your needs.